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That’s what the Huli Museum is all about.

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Culture is more than just the way we talk and walk, eat and drink, live and die.

Pasin Tumbuna is the people’s traditions; you can hear the elder’s sacred stories about customs and the legends of the ancestors and heroes too.

The Huli Mana myths tell the people to be proud sons and daughters of Hela, and that everyone is from a common father from time immemorial. These myths speak in symbols of the past that still speak to the present. You’ll see those symbols and their awesome beauty when you visit the galleries which display some of the best photos of the Huli ever taken.

The Huli Museum proudly displays the art of Huli photographers, writers and artists.

We preserve all this for future generations. The Huli Museum is a depository for all things Hela Huli: articles, photos, recordings, dissertations, videos, essays and more. We provide a snapshot of the Huli people to show how they live and what they believe for future generations of Huli.

We must record the rich Huli oral tradition before all the manali (holders of sacred myths) are no more. Before the gebeali (ritual specialist) pass away, we must hold the ancient ways — so that maybe, one day, these ancient customs may be proudly displayed in a replica of the most sacred Hela place: Kelote. That can be made to happen – if we work to preserve Huli culture before it fades away and becomes just a pretty feather in a tattered wig.

We know the Hela people are interested in the words of their ancestors: the most popular article on this website is “A Huli Elder Speaks“.

Enjoy the website and keep coming back to read more elder stories. And please, tell your friends and family to visit the website and become supporters. Together we can learn more about one of the most fascinating cultures in the South Pacific if not the world: the Huli.


Betty Gabriel Wakia and Ron Meshanko Co-Directors

Max Jack Wayabuku  and Janet Patricia Thomas, Docents

Thank you for visiting!

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