The Huli culture of Papua New Guinea is slowly fading away as traditions, practices, myths, and rituals disappear. The manayi, dindi pongoneyi, daloali, and gebeali — the Huli ritual specialists — are dying off without trained replacements. The bi mana, bi te and Hela tene oral traditions are being forgotten. The Haroli bachelor cult, which was the main educational structure of Huli male society, has disappeared. Actions must be taken to preserve Huli culture before too much is lost.

To help preserve and celebrate Huli culture, the Huli Museum was created as an in-depth presentation on Huli Culture. The website serves as a depository of articles, papers, photographs, videos and information about Huli life, religion and culture. We want to do what the Jimmy Nelson Foundation does for the world, but only for one tribe: the Huli. We want to take a snapshot of Huli culture before it fades away. Our hope is to have Huli cultural education resources developed that are based on this pool of wisdom to help teach Huli culture to children and adults of tomorrow in a fun and interesting way.

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