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Bryant J. Allen and Andrew W. Wood

Legendary Volcanic Eruptions and the Huli

Damien Arabagali

A Huli Religious Word View

Datagaliwabe Was Working in the Huli

Hela Huli Culture Heroes

How the Haroli Bachelor Cult Works

Huli Eschatology

Huli Religious Behavior

The Huli Haroli Legend

The Huli World of Spirits

Dr. Chris Ballard

An Annotated Bibliography – for the Huli People and the Tari Region.

An Archaeology for the lpomoean Revolution

A History of Huli Society and Settlement in The Tari Region

A Huli World of Meaning

A Survey of Archaeology in the Tari Area

Dindi Pongone: Huli Sacred Geography

Hela Climate & Seasonality

Hela Huli Geology and Soils

Hela Huli Vegetation

Hela Tene: Huli Language and Identity

History of Contact for the Tari Region

Huli Archaeological Ethnography

Huli Fauna in Hela Land

Huli Sacred Geography

The Center Cannot Hold

The Fire Next Time: The Conversion of the Huli Apocalypse

The Huli Doctrine of Entropy

The Huli Landscape

Sun by Night, Huli Moral Topography and Myths of a Time of Darkness

Sweet Potato and Highland Society

Transformations in Huli Ritual and Society

Dr. Ossie Fountain

Huli Primal Religion

Benjamin S. Gayalu

Huli Gebeanda: Sacred Cave Ritual

Dr. Robert M. Glasse

Huli Names and Naming

Dr. Laurence Goldman

Anger Talk Among the Huli

Compensation Talk

Decorated Being in Huli

Decorated Being: A Narrativised Identity

Final Analysis of Huli Disputes

Haroli and Wigmen Decoration

Huli Talk About Talk

Huli Talk of Iba Tiri

Huli Disputing Explained

The Huli Vatican

Talking About Huli Talk

Huli Kinship

Mabu: Huli Subsistence and Production

Hela Huli Land

Hoo-Ha in Huli’: Considerations on commotion and community in the Southern Highlands

Huli Divination, Prophecy, and Death

Huli Hidden Talk

Huli Mali Dance Ritual Spell

Huli Sorcery

Huli War and Compensation

Iba Tiri: Huli God of the Waters

The Huli and Hair

The ‘Huli’ and ‘Hela’ in Mali

Tarali Tarlzen Hibuya

Because, I am my father’s son!

Fulfillment of Hela Myths

John Himugu

Huli Customary Beliefs and Tribal Laws about Witches and Witch Spirits

Vijay Kolinjivadi

Losing Our Pigs and Our Ancestors

Dr. Gabriel Lomas

Huli History & Language Studies

The Huli Bard: Sung Bì Té

Traditional Huli Society

Dr. Michael Main

A Huli Elder Speaks...

A Huli Forest Language: Tayenda Tua Ilili

Datagaliwabe is Watching You

Gigira Lai Tebo

Hela Hardship & Desire for Change

“Hela University”

Huli Aporia and Change

Huli Dindi Divinations

Huli Dindi Dumbirumbi (Earthquake)

Huli Modernity Revisited

Huli Moregogo

Huli Movement and Praise

Huli Sweet Abundance

Just What is Huli?

Stopping Huli Wars

The Case for a Huli Materialism

The Colonial Encounter with Huli Modernity

The Evolution of Huli Ethnography

The Huli Response to Wellness

The Huli Struggle for Comprehension

The Multiple Truths of “Huliness”

Towards a Huli Apocalypse

Western Modernity Had Already Been Said

What is a Huli Clan?

Jo Tumbe Mangi

A Myth on Huli Origins

Development & Maintenance of Huli Trade & Exchange

Huli Forms of Trade

Red Ochre: A Huli Trade Resource

Salt: A Huli Trade Resource

Shells: A Huli Trade Resource

Stone Adzes: A Huli Trade Resource

Traditional Huli Society

Tree & Mineral Oils: Huli Trade Resources

Yole – Traditional Huli Trade

Ronald J. Meshanko

Huli Language & Numbering

The Gospel Amongst The Huli

Joel Robbins

Passenger Women: Gender and Change in Huli

Janet Patricia Thomas

Why I Think Huli Culture is Fading Away

Dr. Jaap Timmer

Huli Wigmen Engage Tourists: Self Adornment and Ethnicity in the Papua New Guinea Highlands

Review: The Huli Culture of Coincidence: Accident and Absolute Liability in Huli

Betty Gabriel Wakia

Biango Dudu, The Huli Singing Dog

Datagaliwabe, the Great God-progenitor of The Hela Nation

Hela Walk for Equality

The Baya Baya Legend: Messiah-like Myths Amongst the Huli & Foe

The Remarkable and True Story of the Huli Wig School